Data capture for theme developers

The latest update to Wisdom – version 1.4.0, available now – has one very significant new feature: Wisdom can now track themes as well as plugins.

Analytics for WordPress theme developers

If you are a WordPress theme developer, you’ve no doubt often wished to find out more about the people using your themes. This is especially true when you’re distributing free themes from the WordPress theme directory where all downloads are anonymous.

Wisdom 1.4.0 introduces support for themes, meaning that you can now capture data in the same way that plugin authors already can.

Add a simple code snippet to your functions.php file and when a user activates your theme, they get a message requesting permission to track their data.

Theme notification message

If you are not distributing themes through the repo (e.g. you’re distributing via your own site or a marketplace) then you don’t need to ask the user’s permission. Wisdom can automatically track data if you wish.

Lead generation

One of the key fields that Wisdom captures is the admin’s email address, making it an excellent way to generate new leads for your premium products. You can export email addresses or use the Mailchimp integration┬áto create automatic campaigns encouraging users to upgrade.

Performance enhancements

In addition to supporting themes, version 1.4.0 includes a couple of performance enhancements in your dashboard, reducing the frequency of HTTP requests.

Upgrading from a previous version?

If you are already running Wisdom, the latest version also includes an update to the class-plugin-usage-tracker.php file. Please update your plugins to version 1.2.0, available from your account page.

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