Get real data about your plugins

Track and analyse user data to find out who uses your plugins, what options they enable, and the reasons they deactivate


Visualize and understand your data through charts


A true WordPress solution - pure and simple


Get real insight into how your plugins are used

It works

Improve your plugins and increase your upsales

How Does It Work?

Add a simple code snippet to your plugin file then install our tracker on your website. When a user activates your plugin you'll start receiving data.

Find Out Why Users Deactivate

Ever wondered why users choose other plugins over yours? A configurable form on deactivation allows you to find out why users have decided to deactivate your plugin.

What Can I Track?

Wisdom captures key data relating to your plugin and its settings, the WordPress environment such as version and theme, and information about the server and PHP. You can also request the site admin's email address.

Feature Detection

Get information on what settings are being used and what are being ignored. Have you just added a new option in your plugin? Find out how many of your users have enabled it.

Is This Allowed?

Yes. By default, the plugin asks the user's permission to track their data. This complies with guidelines. If you are not using the WordPress repository to distribute your plugin, you can disable the opt-in and automatically track all users.