Wisdom is, we believe, the only WordPress plugin that will allow you to capture data about other WordPress plugins. If you are a developer, Wisdom is an essential tool to find out key data about who is using your plugins, what environments they are using them in, how they’re using them, and why some people choose to deactivate them.

How does it work?

Install the Wisdom plugin on your site. This will capture all the data from sites that have installed your plugin.

You can then obtain a small code snippet to add to your plugin. This code handles all the tracking stuff – it will ask the user for permission to send data, if required, and start sending data back.

You distribute your plugin however you like, whether it’s through the WordPress.org plugin repository, GitHub, Code Canyon, or through your own site.

What data does Wisdom provide?

Wisdom sends back key data about every site that has your plugin installed (and that has opted in to tracking). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • WordPress version
  • WordPress settings, e.g. text direction and language
  • Site name and URL
  • Theme name and version
  • Server data, including PHP version
  • Your plugin data, including version number
  • Options enabled in your plugin
  • Other plugins activated on the site
  • Email address (requires further opt in)

With this data, you can start to make informed decisions about how to further develop your plugin, all based on hard facts.

Deactivation data

Have you ever stared at your plugin’s Stats tab on its page in the WordPress repository and wondered why the number of downloads was so much greater than the number of active sites? Wisdom includes a deactivation form that will prompt users to give a reason for deactivating your plugin. Over time, you can build a picture of where your plugin needs improvement: better documentation, different features, easier setup, and so on.

Feature detection

Wisdom includes a unique feature that allows you to measure which options are being used in your plugin. For instance, if you have added a new setting to the latest version of your plugin, you can find how many people are using it.

Mailchimp Integration

Wisdom is integrated with Mailchimp so that new users who opt in to tracking will automatically be added to a Mailchimp list of your choice. You can even set simple rules on which users should be added to which list.

Is it allowed?

Wisdom is fully compliant with the WordPress.org guidelines on ‘phoning home’:

Users may be asked to submit information but it cannot be automatically recorded without explicit confirmation from the user.

WordPress Plugin Guidance

If you are not using the WordPress repository to distribute your plugin, you don’t need to include an opt in. You can automatically enable tracking that starts the second your plugin is installed on a new site.