What Wisdom can do for you

If you're a WordPress plugin or theme author, Wisdom can help you

Retain more users

Find out who's using your product, what options they're using, and why they stop using your product

Increase revenue

With greater knowledge comes greater power. Improve conversions to your premium products

Reduce support time

The more you know about your users' system and environment, the quicker you can help them, and the less time you need to spend on support

Communicate with users

Wisdom puts you in touch with your users. Schedule automatic emails and integrate with Mailchimp


There are three plans available. Each plan is based on an annual license fee: there's no revenue sharing.

How it works

Easy to get started

Add a simple code snippet to your main plugin file or theme functions.php, then install the main Wisdom plugin on your own website. When a user activates your plugin or theme you’ll start receiving data. All data is stored on your website, never on a third-party site.

Wisdom captures key data relating to your plugin or theme, the WordPress environment such as version and theme, information about the server and PHP, even your users’ email addresses.

Get real insight into how your products are used

Have you just added a new option in your plugin? Find out how many of your users have enabled it.

Ever wondered why users choose other plugins over yours? A configurable form on deactivation allows you to find out why users have decided to deactivate your plugin.

Want to know what theme users choose instead of yours? Wisdom can tell you.

Wisdom turns anonymous users into contacts

When a user activates your plugin or theme, Wisdom records their email address. When you’re distributing free products from the WP repo, you have no way of knowing who is installing them. Wisdom changes that, turning anonymous users into marketing opportunities.

Meets WordPress.org requirements

To comply with WordPress.org guidelines, Wisdom asks the user’s permission to track their data. If you are not using the WordPress repository to distribute your plugin or theme, you can disable the opt-in and automatically track all users.